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  • Introspection With Poise and Calm During Quarantine.


    It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and I just took a shower. No, I didn’t just wake up, in fact, I have yet to go to sleep. I spent my night obsessing over trying to figure out coding minutia over my husband’s website, finally giving up and accepting I have no clue what html or CSS is. I drank three quarters of a glass of red wine, and spent the rest of the evening in my studio. No, I wasn’t working. In fact, stretched my back on my very slick fitness ball and I laid on my very comfy new wooden floor, realized that it was very dusty and swept and moped it from side to side until it was spick and span.

  • Week Number Twelve

    Flower Drawing by Tucker Nichols posted  by @tuckernichols on Instagram


    t feels as though the world changed in an instant. To flatten the coronavirus curve, most of us are staying home, trying to readjust to this new reality and taking care of our kids, sick family members and keeping the household afloat. But among all this chaos, there are those that rise to the surface to give us a little hope, take our mind off things for an instant, and make us laugh or teach us something comforting....

  • Week Number Eleven

    Diamonds Set On Wax Ready To Be Cast In Place

    Wow, how have things changed from a week ago and continue to change so rapidly!

    On Monday, day after I decided to put the FOAKIT! project on hold, I woke up not feeling very tired. I was worn out from all my family events, and the various jewelry pieces I made, and deadlines I had to meet. So I decided to rest and let my body recuperate...

  • Ring Number Ten


    Ring Number Ten in 20k Gold and Sapphires

    What a busy week this was! Not only did I finish Ring Number Ten, but I also finished and delivered fourteen Bar Mitzvah pendant favors, an ID bracelet, finished a diamond circle pendant and dropped it off so it could be photographed professionally. 
    I also gave a presentation at a Chabbad event about my business. It was at Rabbi Label and Chani Shapiro’s house, and about 20 women attended. 

  • Ring Number Nine

    Ring Number Nine in 20k Gold

    Another week, another baby and another ring!!!! Yes, another beautiful, healthy granddaughter of mine was born this week. Both babies were expecting to arrive in March, and a few weeks apart, but somehow, they decided to show up earlier and closer apart than we thought.

  • Ring Number Eight

    Ring Number Eight in 20k Gold, Sterling Silver and Silk Thread

    What an eventful week! Ring Number Eight is finished, even though I was very busy becoming a grandma again. My baby granddaughter was born, and gratefully she is healthy and beautiful...