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  • Changes Boost Creativity

    Studio: Before and After

    Aside from the new year, January brought along a lot of changes both to my personal and professional life. This year I built a new studio, I joined jewelry online sales course for one year and I was introduced to a new alloy that will compliment my designs very well.

    Now that my studio is almost ready, I am looking forward to start experimenting with the new alloy. However, I want to make sure it holds up to my standards both in terms of aesthetics and durability, so I decided that for the next three months I would make new pieces that I can wear and test, use them in all kinds of situation.

    Changes and new environments always take artists and designers in a new direction, boost our creativity. We are influenced by what we see, what we hear and the space we are in. I am very excited about my new studio and I cannot wait to see how the impact that it will have my work. I would love to share my creative process with my customers, so I made a commitment to maintain a visual diary through social media, blog once per week and emailing my newsletter Inside the Studio once per month.

    Different studio building stages

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