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  • Creating Beauty and Meaning With Repurposed Diamonds

    Repurposed Diamond Bangle in 18k Gold


    It seems as though the universe is trying to tell me something, and I have decided to embrace it. In the last six months, my customers have come to me with pieces of fine jewelry that they no longer use asking me to make something new with the precious stones that are in them. The outcome of these requests has taken me into a new direction in terms of technique, aesthetics and meaning of my jewelry designs. I have been honored and grateful to have created three custom pieces with repurposed diamonds that have been cast in place that not only came out beautiful, but had great significance to them as well.

    The first piece that started this shift in my jewelry process is a pair of earrings that I made for my customer’s daughter. My customer had jewelry handed down from her mother and mother in law, and she asked me to create a piece by combining the diamonds in both pieces. She wanted her daughter to receive a graduation gift that had the diamonds of both of her grandmothers in it. She needed them ready very soon, so given the time constraint, the various shapes and large amount of diamonds that she gave me to create the earrings I decided to create the earrings by casting the diamonds in place. The end result was great; I created a pair of earrings that although the same size, each of them was different from the other in layout making each earring a one of a kind piece. 

    Repurposed Diamond Earrings in 18k Gold

    Another customer approached me after seeing how the earrings came out, and asked me to design something for her with a few pieces of jewelry that she was handed down as well. She wanted to repurpose the diamonds in these pieces that she barely used to make something she loved and would wear every day. We decided to go with a bangle. I took the diamonds out of her jewelry and created a random but balanced layout for the bangle by using about 80 round diamonds, all in different sizes. The diamonds were cast in place as well, and the bangle came out really beautiful, modern, yet with classic feel to it. There were a lot of diamonds left unused, and my customer was so happy that she wants to get another piece made with them, and some precious stones from other pieces that she wants to repurpose as well. I can't wait to start working on that. 

    The third piece I was thrilled to work on was an engagement ring. My friend Jennifer Ciraulo from Blooming Lotus Jewelry referred me a man that wanted to propose to his girlfriend by repurposing the diamonds from her grandmother’s ring. I met with him and asked me to make something with the diamonds set flush on a band, similar to what I had done with the bangle. He was in a rush to get the ring done because he wanted to pop the question on a trip they were making to Italy. I only had two weeks to deliver it, so using the same technique as used with the previous two pieces I created a ring and was able to get it to him within ten days! It took a lot of focus and extra effort but it was well worth it. The ring came out stunning, easy to wear, and with a great meaning as well. This lucky girl will be wearing her grandmother’s diamonds on her engagement ring. How special is that? As I am writing they are on their trip and he will be proposing within a couple of days. I will keep you guys posted with pictures and their proposal story!

    Repurposed Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Gold

     If you, or anyone you know has jewelry that would like to repurpose into a new piece I will be happy to help. Please email me at to start the process!


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