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  • Jewelry Stories About Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters and a Sister.

    Black diamond studs made as a surprise gift to my sister.


    In the past year I have been lucky to design three beautiful custom jewelry pieces that represent three love stories. By using repurposed diamonds that were passed down from generation to I created jewelry that connects Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters and a Sister.

    The first piece was a pair of 18k yellow gold and repurposed diamonds studs. My customer Tracey wanted to give her daughter a pair of earrings in celebration of her graduation. Tracey had jewelry with diamonds both from her mother and her late mother in law. So we decided to repurpose the diamonds from both pieces and cast them in place to create the studs. The result of this design was really unique and special; each earring is one of a kind. Tracey’s daughter absolutely loved them, and she is now wearing earrings with diamonds that belonged to both of her grandmothers, liking all three generations with a jewelry piece that will last a lifetime.


    Studs in 18k gold made with repurposed diamonds that belonged to two grandmothers. 


    The second design was a very special engagement ring that my customer James used to propose to her now fiancé Meghan. James asked me to make an engagement ring by using the diamonds from Meghan’s grandmother ring. How special is that? I was so excited to work on this project by the fact that Meghan would wear her grandmother’s diamonds in a piece that represents the love and commitment between such a special couple. When I met James, he told me they were planning a trip to the Amalfi coast in Italy in two weeks. They both love hiking and he wanted to propose at the top of the hill. Since they both love go hiking outdoors and go rock climbing, he asked me to design a ring where the diamonds would be flush to the metal. I showed him one of my cast in place pieces and he loved that. So I got to work quickly and I was able to deliver the ring in a little over a week. James loved it, and the proposal was one of the most romantic proposals I have ever seen. Meghan was totally surprised and over the moon, both by the proposal and the ring. Recently, Meghan wrote me that the ring with her grandmother’s diamond is “So, so special. The most beautiful ring I have ever seen! Wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you for your beautiful work and making our dreams come true” There is so much love in this story, and I am honored and grateful to have been a part of it.



    Engagement ring in 14k gold made with the bride's grandmother's repurposed diamonds.


    The third story talks about a design collaboration between my daughter and myself. My daughter had a set of diamond earrings that my mother gave her as a gift for her wedding. She wanted to create a something new and modern with them. So we decided to make a pair of asymmetrical earrings. She assembled the diamonds in a shape that she liked and was thinking of using prongs to set them, but I suggested using bezels for all of them, and she loved the idea. I cast the pieces in 18k yellow gold and set the diamonds in. The earrings look so beautiful and she is really crazy about them. This piece connected my mother, my daughter and me in a loving, creative and fun way, and my daughter has the earrings as a testimony of the love between all three of us.



    Studs in 18k gold made for my daughter with repurposed diamonds from my mother.


    And here is the story about the sister: a couple of weeks ago my sister and I were on the phone and she mentioned that she loved the earrings I made for my daughter; she also mentioned that they would look great with black diamonds. My brother in law was listening to the conversation and texted me that he wanted to give her those earrings as a surprise. For many years he has been asking me to make a piece of jewelry for her but we couldn’t figure out what piece she would like and this was the perfect opportunity to make that happen. I was going to travel to Mexico in two weeks to visit my family, so I wanted to make sure I had them ready by then. I cast the pieces in 18k gold, set the black diamonds in, gave the metal a nice satin finish and put them in a box to bring them with me to Mexico. My brother in law gave them to her and she absolutely loves them. The black diamonds are so her type and look great on her. I love my sister so much and I am happy that I could connect with her that way.



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