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  • Looking Into Myself

    One of my goals for this year was to have a video made showing my process, values and inspiration as an artist and designer. I am pleased to say that it’s ready and uploaded to my website. Preparing for this video allowed me to dig deeper into who I am as an artist and designer and I learned a lot in the process. My work is deeply connected to whom I have become throughout the years, growing, learning and changing both on a personal level and as an artist.

    I have matured to become assertive, confident, and at peace with who I am, I have removed all that is unnecessary from my life and embrace what helps me be the best that I can be. My jewelry designs reflect that; I use only a few elements to create my designs, choosing each element carefully is very important to make sure that my design can reach its full potential. I spend a lot of time handcrafting each piece, paying close attention to every detail and making sure each piece is impeccable. The result of this process is a design that stands on its own, bold yet minimal, understated yet elegant. I feel very lucky and get great satisfaction knowing that I can make pieces of jewelry will last a lifetime and that my will give my customers confidence and poise. 

    I hope you enjoy watching the video! 


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