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  • Ring Number Five

    Ring Number Five in Fine Silver and 24k Gold

    I felt a lot of emotions while making Ring Number Five, such as anticipation, excitement, happiness, frustration, and anxiety just to name a few. This is due to the fact that I made the ring using two new techniques I never used before. Making Ring Number Five took me out of my custom zone, but I managed to complete it with a satisfactory result.

    I started the ring by using Precious Metal Clay, because Dawn Vizzi De Gesare taught a workshop at a designers’ retreat this past weekend in Roanoke, Virginia. I really had no idea how PMC works, so without knowing so, I designed a piece that was very challenging for using that material for the first time. However, Dawn was able to guide me beautifully on how to bring my vision alive. I worked diligently to finish it on time to go in the kiln along with all of the other fabulous designers’ pieces. Ring Number Five came out of the kiln, and looked great!

    When I came back to New Jersey, I sanded and cleaned Ring Number Five up and went on to add a layer of 24k gold on the surface of the ring by using the Korean technique called Keum-boo. Following Estelle Vernon’s instructions, that also taught a workshop at the designers’ retreat this past summer. I found the Keum-boo technique very difficult to do; the first surface went smoothly, but the following seven ones didn’t. I had to re-do quite a few of them over and over, some of the gold did not adhere completely to the surface, but in the end I kind of like the stressed look on a very architectural looking ring.

    Making a ring using two new techniques was a bit frustrating and I was very anxious to get it done within my weekly deadline. I had a busy weekend because my parents and my sister came in to visit from Mexico, which means all my kids and grandkids come to hang out with them at my house. But I am pleased to say that aside from hosting about 20 people for a yummy Mexican lunch, and making sure I spend quality time with my family, I was able to finish Ring Number Five.

    This coming week will be all about experimentation. I plan to use a very different material for Ring Number Six, breaking boundaries again and hoping to make a fun and fabulous design. Stay tuned!!!

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