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  • Ring Number Ten


    Ring Number Ten in 20k Gold and Sapphires

    What a busy week this was! Not only did I finish Ring Number Ten, but I also finished and delivered fourteen Bar Mitzvah pendant favors, an ID bracelet, finished a diamond circle pendant and dropped it off so it could be photographed professionally. 
    I also gave a presentation at a Chabbad event about my business. It was at Rabbi Label and Chani Shapiro’s house, and about 20 women attended. Chani gave a very smart and interesting talk about the queen Esther, one of the main protagonists of the story of the upcoming Jewish holiday called Purim. After Chani’s talk, I spoke about my jewelry business, why I make jewelry, the different techniques that I use, the close connection I have with my clients and the pieces I make for them. I showed images of my process of various pieces from beginning to end, and answered their questions. The women loved it and I really enjoyed sharing what I do with all of them.
    Busy as this week was, I also attended two of my grandkid’s recitals in school, honoring grandparents, and went to a very nice luncheon given by my son in law’s parents, to celebrate the birth of our new granddaughter.


    Ring Number Ten came out beautifully. I started it last week but was interrupted by the birth of another granddaughter. So this week I went on to finish and set all the beautiful and colorful sapphires on it while attending my jewelry class at Bianca Lopez Studio. I knew I had to get it done by the end of the day and drop it off to the caster because he would need it in order to cast it on Friday, which is the day he casts stones in place. On Friday, he sent me a picture of the ring. One of the stones fell, but luckily, they were able to find it. I asked him to ship it to me and was delivered on Saturday. Today, I set the stone, took off the sprues and finished it, photographed it and it’s done!!!


    Having had so many professional and personal events and deadlines this past week made me realize that I need to rethink the FOAK IT! project.  You see, due the success of the project, I have received many custom orders. My priority of course is my customer relationships and the work I make for them, so I must make room for that.


    Making one ring per week also made me realize that I don’t like to rush my creative process. I am a perfectionist and having such a short amount of time to make each ring is not allowing me to dedicate the time I feel it’s necessary to make it the best I can. So having said that, I will continue to make rings for the FOAK IT! project, but not on a deadline. I will make one ring at a time, and taking as much time as I need it to finish it when my custom work allows me to do so.
    Aaahhhhh!!! I feel so much better now that I wrote this. You live, you learn, you make changes as needed, and move forward. That is what life is all about, isn’t it?

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