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  • Ring Number Three

    Ring Number Three in 18k Gold, Black Spinel and Silk Thread

    Ring Number Three is ready! At the beginning of the FOAK IT! project, I knew this was going to be very hectic and busy week. Aside for a few orders that I am working on, I had a trip planned  at the end of the week. I had to find a way to make a ring outside of my studio, and I came up with the idea to make it using components that could just be assembled together outside of my studio. Gold bands, and beautiful black Spinel beads would be ready before my trip, and all left to do is to thread them together with black silk thread.  The amount of  gold bands and size of beads, and bead rows changed along the way as I worked on it. I experimented along the way to see what the right proportions of components were. I'm very pleased with the result. Ring Number Three looks beautiful, unique and different.

    Making a commitment to make a ring per week requires that I structure my time so I can be in the studio. However, at the same time, the project is going to have to adapt itself to my busy family life. Did I mention that I have four kids and three step kids, eight grandkids and three more grandkids on the way? My son in law asked me to go away with him and my grandkids on a trip this week, since my daughter is close to her due date and can’t travel. So Ring Number Three is a result of that time constraint. To my surprise, I finished it ahead of time in my studio and I can now enjoy fully my trip and give my full attention to my grandkids.

    Ring Number Three aesthetic has again been influenced by Agnes Martin’s drawings. It is amazing to me how one artist can have such strong influence on another artist. Her work is always on my mind.

    I have a confession to make; I already started working on Ring Number Four. Next week I will be going to Virginia on a retreat with eight fabulous jewelry designers, so my studio time will be extremely limited. Ring Number Four is not done yet, but it's getting there and looking good! Can’t wait to share it with you next week.


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    • Vivian Saade says...

      Thank you Jane! I will show you at Bianca’s next time I come to class :)

      January 26, 2020

    • Jane says...

      This ring is really fabulous, how did you tie off the silk thread?

      January 26, 2020

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