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  • Ring Number Two

    Ring Number Two in 22k Gold

    Phew! It’s only the second week of my FOAK IT! project and I already feel jittery! This week I finished Ring Number Two, and it was challenging to make. It’s a hollow ring and I never made one before. Making the components was actually enjoyable. I had to measure a lot and make mockups in copper to make sure the pieces were going to be exactly as needed. However, soldering the components together was very stressful. You see, every single seam needs to be completely flush and clean or else the solder doesn’t run. At one point I had to walk out of the studio, relax and ask my husband to take me out for a nice glass of wine!

    In the end, Ring Number Two came out beautiful. There are some visible "imperfections", and perfectionist as I am, I would normally melt it and remake it until its absolutely perfect. But one of my goals of this project is to let go of what doesn't suit my creative process, so I have to learn embrace unplanned elements showing up in my work. So this ring is done as is it and it feels so empowering to say it!

    One of the inspirations for this ring are again Agnes Martin’s drawings. Her meditative use of parallel lines in different thicknesses is something I find very soothing and comforting, and I had the perfect tool for it: a rolling mill that I bought a while ago from metalsmith Melissa Muir (check her youtube videos if you want to learn about tools or making jewelry, she is great!).

    The 22k yellow gold I used for Ring Number Two has a special meaning: it came from bangles that I got from my mother in law. I wanted to make myself a ring with a design that I love and think of my in laws when I wear it. Thank you David and Elaine! I love you both.


    Since the past two weeks I have made technically challenging rings I decided this coming week the ring will be easier and simpler to make. However, as I was telling a friend this week, the simpler the design, the more difficult it is to achieve. Hopefully you would love Ring Number Three, stay tuned…
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    • Vivian Saade says...

      Thank you Bianca! Indeed the experience of making jewelry is as you describe it. I truly enjoy the whole process and I am glad I am able to share it with you and all of my audience.

      January 26, 2020

    • Bianca says...

      I love the ring Vivian! Beautiful. The openness with which you share your experience, generosity with resources and your recounting the ring making process is something I appreciate and admire. Making jewelry can be a very solitary act. Often it is an emotion roller coaster as you described. So much comes to the surface. Excitement, fear, loneliness, anxiety frustration, despair, elation, gratification and total glee come to mind to name a few. : ) Thank you for sharing so much of your experience with us. -Bianca


      January 13, 2020

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