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  • Timeless Simplicity in Minimalist Jewelry

    It's a consensus in art history that the Minimalist movement started in the 1960s, with roots in the geometric abstractions of works of artists associated with the Bauhaus, De Stijl and the Russian Constructivist movements, and influenced by the Zen concepts of Japanese tradition.

    However, being fascinated with the concepts of minimalism as a jewelry designer, I began researching jewelry throughout the ages, and I was surprised to find out that minimalism, as an aesthetic, dates back much further than the sixties.

    For example, pictured above, look the beautiful gold earrings with crystal beads circa 1st-2nd AD from the Roman Empire, part of the Metropolitan Museum collection. The main concepts of modern day Minimalism are present: the void of color, detail and ornamentation, the repetition of geometric forms, and the use of bare elements to create the design achieve a simplicity that reveal the essence and inner quality of the materials used.

    This “Less is More” approach results in timeless designs. So weather you are a 2nd century Roman lady or 21st century modern woman, wearing a minimalist piece of jewelry will for sure compliment your style.

    That is why as a designer, inspired by my love for minimalist art and design, motivated by my passion to create, and with great care and attention to detail I make impeccably beautiful jewelry, quiet yet bold, with a simple and clean aesthetic. I believe in creating timeless designs that yet let you shine, pieces that you will bond with, and accompany you throughout your journey, witnessing your life unfold. 


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