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  • Week Number Eleven

    Diamonds Set On Wax Ready To Be Cast In Place

    Wow, how have things changed from a week ago and continue to change so rapidly!

    On Monday, day after I decided to put the FOAKIT! project on hold, I woke up not feeling very tired. I was worn out from all my family events, and the various jewelry pieces I made, and deadlines I had to meet. So I decided to rest and let my body recuperate. Monday night I started to feel like I was getting sick. The next morning the doctor prescribed antibiotics, it turns out I was fighting an infection. On Wednesday, I was supposed to got to NY City to pick up the diamond pendant I’ve been working on from Joe, my amazing photographer and take it to Milton, a great jeweler contractor that engraves my pieces with a laser so they can have my logo and the type of metal they are. However, I was not feeling well still, and aware that the corona virus was starting to spread I decided to stay home. So Milton did me a huge favor and picked up the pendant from Joe. He engraved it and shipped it back to me. The pendant is about to arrive tomorrow, so I can’t show you the fabulous pictures that Joe the photographer took, because my customer has to be the first one to see it. I’m very excited to receive it tomorrow, and can’t wait to see my customer’s reaction when she sees it all finished in person. So stay tuned!

    Thursday, as you all know, things started to change quickly, schools started to close, people decided to stay home and practice social distancing. My husband and I made sure on Thursday night after Trump spoke to go to the supermarket and stock up and get ready to stay home for a while. Friday, at eight in the morning I got up and went to the butcher to by what we needed for at least two weeks. I was quiet and there was plenty to choose from. As I was leaving, more people started to arrive. Two hours later I got a picture from someone that went showing all the shelves empty. Luckily, I was able to get ready before all the craziness.

    As more and more restrictions were put into place to flatten the corona virus curve, I realized that I’d be spending a very long time at home and in my studio. However, I haven’t been able to bring myself to work in there all week. I needed to take a brake both physically and mentally. So no pieces were made, I didn’t go into my studio and didn’t even touch a tool, wax or metal. I don’t feel bad or guilty about it though, because I have learned through the years to listen carefully and honor what my body and mind asks me to do. So this past week was resting, healing and social distancing prep time. Like the rest of the world I don’t know what is going to happen next week. But I am ready to do what is needed, both for my well-being, the well- being of my family and the world at large, praying that we all stay healthy and in good spirits.


    I am hoping that next week I will use all the time I have staying at home to foster my creativity and nurture it. Perhaps doing research, experimenting or coming up with ideas for new pieces. It will be interesting to see where these circumstances take me as a creative and as a citizen of the world.

    Sending you much love and wishing you all health, peace in your heart and in your mind, during these difficult times.

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