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  • As A Designer, Every Detail Counts




    As an artist and designer, I am influenced by everything that surrounds me, and I make a conscious effort to create an environment that fits my aesthetic, because I know that my work will be impacted by it.

    I strive to take holistic approach by choosing carefully my home, how I arrange it, the clothes I wear, the type of exercise I do, my behavior and thinking, my values, what I read, who I interact with, what I eat, the way I organize my drawers and pantry etc. The reason for this is that many years ago, while reading Josef And Anni Albers, Designs For Living, by Nicholas Fox Weber, I encountered the following sentence that made me realize that every detail counts.

    "Butter balls! Here at the Bauhaus! At the Bauhaus I should think you'd just have a good solid block of butter." These were the words that modernist designer Lily Reich said as soon as she and her companion, the renown architect Ludvig Mies van der Rohe walked into artists’ Anni and Josef Albers house when invited for dinner. A young bride at the time, Anni Albers wanted to impress Mies, the soon to be German school Bauhaus director. Anni carefully arranged everything in her house; from her husband’s abstract work, to the designer Marcel Breuer’s Wassily chair prototypes to give a sense of restraint, starkness and purpose. Using a butter curler that Anni’s mother had given, she carefully created the butterballs that were always present at the dinner table during her youth. Anni remembered Lily’s words for decades to come.

    Weber, writes that “The difference between a block of butter and a butter ball is aesthetic”.

    This exchange between such great design figures taught me that every single decision I make in my jewelry business counts. That is why I am always careful to take everything I do into account, even the smallest details: from my logo, to business cards, packaging, displays, website, writing, collections and jewelry designs, all have to be cohesive and in tune with my aesthetic.


    Moonstone Pendant, Ring and Studs, part of the Sphere Collection

    As a customer, be assured that you will experience this when purchasing one of my designs! You can get a closer look at how all this unfolds by  joining my Facebook group INSIDE THE STUDIOThis is a closed group that I started to share my creative process. I wold love you to be a part of it!


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