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Fine, One of A Kind Jewelry

Weekly Ring Bling


Ring Number One Ring Number Two
Ring Number Three Ring Number Four
Ring Number Five Ring Number Six
Ring Number Seven Ring Number Eight
Ring Number Nine Ring Number Ten

At the beginning of 2020 I decided to push my limits as an artist and designer and made a commitment to create one ring per week.

During ten weeks I explored with different materials, meanings, and aesthetics to create each piece. The only constraints for each piece was that it had to be a ring and I had to make one each week.

It's was a big commitment. I had no idea where this project was going to take me creatively, emotionally, or in my career as a designer. However, my passion to create is what is leading me to pursue this goal and I was thrilled to go through this experience. 

After ten weeks of the project I decided to slow down. Making one ring per week made me realize that I don’t like to rush my creative process. I am a perfectionist and having such a short amount of time to make each ring is not allowing me to dedicate the time I feel it’s necessary to make it the best I can. So having said that, I will continue to make rings for the FOAK IT! project, but not on a deadline. 

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